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Global activism web forum

We need a web forum for all the activists in the world.

We need a central hub where all activists are welcomed to talk, share thoughts, ideas and advice.

Why we need a global activism web forum:

  • People having experience with a particular charity can tell their stories and show their work and experience to others, to help them to better understand that particular charity
  • People can talk about major issues in the world and try to come with creative ideas for solving each issue
  • People can try to find others who think similar with them, in order to start new organizations, focused on specific issues
  • People can ask questions and get answers, getting advice for solving particular issues or for finding the organizations that better fits them
  • The forum should have sub-sections for each continent, country and for each major issue (e.g. health, housing, environment)

No matter what kind of activist you are and what you are doing in order to improve the world, it’s a very good thing to have a place where you can come and meet others who want to do the same thing – to improve the world.

That can only help activists to get more friends, to get more people involved, and to better solve the issues they want to address.


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