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How to improve things in the world?

What you can do to improve the things in the world:

Try to join a well-known charitable organization that is doing something useful. You can join organizations like Green Peace, Red Cross, Amnesty International, etc. and you can either pay a small sum of money each month, or you can do some voluntary work for them in case you have the time. Or you can do both, of course.

After doing something like that, start talking with your friends about it. Tell them that you are giving something to charity each month and you think that’s the right thing to do. See how they react. If they think what you do is ridiculous or naive, then there is a big chance that they are not exactly the friends you need. Try to find friends people like you, that want to do something to improve the world. Find such people (it won’t be easy, by the way), and talk as much as you can about improving things. It’s not enough to do just charity. It’s even more important to talk about it, to promote talking, to promote exchanging useful ideas and to search for better ideas.

Try to involve into activities that come with solutions, and with solutions on the long term, don’t involve just in providing relief. Relief is very important, but even more important than providing relief, it’s to come with solutions.

However, at the beginning, the most important thing is to start with something. There are very few organizations that come with sustainable solutions, and many charities that come with relief. But even if you start with providing relief, that very important. Because you can give an example to others, you have something to talk about, you can encourage others to do something similar, you will be concerned about issues of this world, you will think about solutions. And that’s the most important thing for you: to think about solutions. After a while, you might find better charities and better organizations and people that come with reliable long term solutions. But in order to become capable to find solutions, you have to start with something. So, starting to provide relief is vital, because you can make a better difference if you practice charity.

Try to gather more people to talk with. Find some web forums where people can come with creative ideas and solutions. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any forum that tries to unite all the activists until now. So there is a big need for such a thing.

You can also add information on Wikipedia. That will help education. Even if you add information and articles about computing, art, literature, etc., that’s very good, because it improves people’s access to education. However, you might want to add articles about things in the public interest: about public persons, about government institutions and agencies. Come with basic data about them. Try to find information about corruption, about controversies, things that politicians try to hide. There are lots of very good investigation newspapers. Check them, and give a great use to the work of journalists that risk their life to expose corruption: Add information about corruption in the articles about politicians and government agencies. That will help the people to better understand who are the most corrupt politicians, how good or bad the government works, and so on.

Not only exposing corruption is important. It’s also important to add information about government’s actions and institutions: basic data like budget, number of employees, activities, results of their efforts, efficiency. You can add data about vital sectors of your country’s economy. That kind of contribution is very important because it will improve transparency. And more transparency will lead to a better society, and to less corruption.

The most prominent organizations that I found until now and where you can contribute are:

  • Open Source Ecology
  • Red Cross
  • Amnesty International
  • Green Peace
  • World Food Programme
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Wikipedia

Also check organizations like the following, in order to educate yourself and find new ideas:

  • TED (Technology Entertainment and Design) – the only organization that I found until now which encourages the people to come with new ideas to improve the world. The rest of the organizations just come with public speeches and talk to the people but they don’t want to hear from the people.
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • The Venus Project
  • Charity Navigator

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