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What are the solutions?

The solution for improving the world is not any ideology, politician or political party. The solution is the people. The solution is people being active, therefore becoming activists.

Don’t expect your government to create a wonderful society for you. Instead, do your part of the job to create a sustainable human community.

There are certain things we need to do in order to reduce poverty:

  • Public housing
  • Open specification machinery
  • Publications to monitor the governments

1. Public housing. We need good public housing, allowing people and families to rent a house or apartment at a decent price, protecting them from speculation. If the government is not doing it, then the charities and activists should do it. Until now, I only found the “Habitat for Humanity” (HfH) organization, which is not on the right direction. HfH is giving houses to poor people so they can own, at a low price. Unfortunately, that means the poor people will be tempted to sell those houses for a profit. Therefore, while HfH is doing a humanitarian thing, it is not coming with a solution, but instead it is draining the money and energy of those who donate. We need a serious organization that takes the issue seriously and come with a solution. And the solution is to rent the houses to the people, protecting them from real estate speculation, and in the same time protecting them from their own greed.

2. Open specification machinery. We need to have open specification (or better – open source) machines and appliances. Poor people can’t afford to buy another washing machine just because it’s door broke. They need to buy just another door for the washing machine, which has to cost much less. The approach is improving recycling, reducing waste and it creates a lot of job opportunities, as poorer people can easier start production facilities to make parts for the appliances.

3. Publications to monitor the governments. We need to have publications that monitor the Governments and the Public Administrations.  Such newspapers can create a map of the public agencies, monitor how much money they consume and produce, and present that data to the public. Newspaper articles can contain interviews with the bosses of the government agencies and ask them to provide basic data but also some more complex and detailed information abut the agency they represent. Such publications can improve transparency a lot, helping people to understand how efficient their governments work. Certain information from the publications can help to build better Wikipeida articles about governments and their agencies. The present and the past of a country’s government and it’s actions can be always accessible through Wikipedia articles.

All these things can be done by activists, there is no need for the governments to do it. The people have the real power. They just have to decide if they want to use it. There is no need for any political ideology to make the above things to exist and to work.

These are the three things the activists should do in order to make a better world.


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