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Open Source Ecology

Today, about the best organization in this world:

Open Source Ecology is an organization that, unlike many others, is truly genuine.

* It has good Communication: It has a web forum, a blog, and a wiki. People can engage into debates, they can post comments and build the wiki, they can find new ideas together.

* It has the capacity of Organic Growth. Any help is used efficiently for implementing the solutions for most basic human needs

* It is coming with Long-term, Reliable solutions, that will have a positive effect on everyone

By contrast, the biggest charities of this world are exactly the opposite: they lack any capacity of decent communication (they have no web forums, blogs or wikis); they have no capacity to grow organically, and they only come with temporary relief, instead of searching for solutions.

Open Source Ecology (OSE) is a project that aims to create open source machinery. It will be much cheaper for you to replace any part of your machine when it breaks, because anyone will be able to produce it at the most competitive price possible.

Therefore, I can only encourage everyone to invest their time, money, energy, or voluntary work for helping the Open Source Ecology project. It will change the world and it will make it a much better world. Any small help you are doing for OSE is a step forward for a new, better civilization.


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