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Modular mobile phones

It’s always a pleasure to hear about projects that develop modular or open source hardware. The more popular the hardware is, the better. And this time, it’s very good news.

Recently I found the Google’s  Project Ara, that aims to create a modular mobile telephone.

2014-04-16 –

2014-04-16 –

2014-04-22 –

Google plans to release it in 2015. Sure, it’s an ambitious target and definitely Google has enough power to justify such an ambitious term.

However, making a modular mobile phone will probably be one of the greatest achievements of this century. Not only because of the telephone itself, but for the precedent it creates. It can be the spark that ignites a revolution in modular hardware. If this project will be the snowball that will start the snowball effect, then it will be for sure one of the greatest projects of this century.

It might take a little bit more time to deliver such a groundbreaking technology. I just hope that Google will keep working on the phone, even if it takes 5 years more to deliver it.

Also, I think that Google should also create modular tablets. Since they are bigger, it would be much easier to make them modular, as modular devices neeed to be bigger because the space consumed for provinding connections between modules. Also it would be awesome to create modular Notebooks.

Google Ara was inspired from the Phonebloks idea, which surfaced in 2013.

The only idea I found before 2013 for this was this post:

Opinion: Modularity needed in all electronics devices, Posted December 17, 2008 – 18:09 by Rick C. Hodgin


I wish that Google – or other big companies like Google will try to make also modular home appliances like washing machines, fridges, microwave ovens, coffee makers etc. Such machines will dramatically improve the life of the poor people, since they can’t afford to change a washing machine when a proprietary small part is broken.



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