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A few words about communism: “communist” countries

One very important thing about the self-styled “communist” countries (examples: Soviet Russia, Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, North Korea, China) that we have to notice is the fact that they were not and they are not communist at all.
In those countries, the “communist” leadership simply enslaved the people in the name of communism. Instead of working for greedy and corrupt rich investors, in the communist countries the people had to work for a greedy and corrupt communist elite. So there was no real change when those countries became “communist”.

Also there were no cooperatives in communist countries. What the governments called “cooperatives” were in fact state-owned companies where the people were forced to work for little money. The people did not own any land or means of production and they had no freedom to associate in order to create cooperatives. They were just forced to work together in government-owned outfits.

So, instead of giving the power to the working class, the “communist” governments simply enslaved the working class.
Also, they installed totalitarian regimes, and the people could not say anything against the communist party, and they could not even complain about the corruption of the “communist” leadership.

Therefore, we can safely say that the Western capitalist countries are much more communist than the “communist” countries, because in the West people are actually free to create cooperatives where each one has a share, while in the “communist” countries, they do not have that option.

So the people were just being indoctrinated (both in the West and in the East) to believe that those countries were communist, just like we (the Westerners) are indoctrinated today to believe that we live in capitalist systems, when in fact our systems are not capitalist, they are just being labeled as capitalist.


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