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A few words about communism: participation

I do not agree that a functional communist society can be created with absence of money and state. On the other hand, I do support the ideas of egalitarianism and participatory democracy.
A communist system means the absence of state, and that means the system is sustained by participatory democracy, and that means the people in that system have to participate into the decision making. And this is the biggest problem with every single modern communist system or group of people: the sad truth is that the people do not bother to create a better society, they do not participate.

When a group of people want to have a communist system, they have to understand that they have to actually build their communist system, step by step, and they have to learn how to participate, because the ability to make the system work can come only from actually practicing it.

If the communists really want to build communism, they should start with the very basics: they can put money and effort together and they can start cooperatives, in order to start creating jobs and to practice. If one million communists will put 10 dollars each, they can get 10 million dollars, and with those money they can start a cooperative. That cooperative should work for a profit, and all the profits should be invested into growing the cooperative, to create even more jobs. Once they will make the system run, there will be a lot of enthusiasts available to donate much more than just 10 dollars. There are a lot of rich communist supporters in this world. So the money are not a problem. The real problem is to convince the people to actually participate.

If the communist supporters refuse to build their egalitarian society, then the only alternative left is for them to find leaders to build that egalitarian system for them. And there are very small chances that they can find the right people to do the job. Most likely, they will find a dictator like Stalin, Pol Pot, Ceausescu or Castro to enslave and terrorize them in the name of communism. All those dictators were free to do horrible things because the people prefer to find leaders who tell them sweet words instead of actually building communism.

So the problem is not the communism, but the real problem is the communists who refuse to participate and to actually build a better society.


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