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Importing bad apples

Rifaat al-Assad, the uncle of the  Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, involved in the Hama massacre of 1982 and in the 1980 Tadmor (Palmyra) Prison massacre, also named “butcher of Tadmor”, lives like a king in the West, having properties in the UK, France and Spain. The Syrians say that he is extremely rich and he also has 33% of the Eurotunnel.

Hussein Salem – Wikipedia – an Egyptian-Spanish businessman, co-owner of the East Mediterranean Gas Company (EMG), and ally and advisor to former president Hosni Mubarak.

Salem was accused by Egyptian authorities of corruption on charges he illegally gained public funds by obtaining a monopoly on the sale of gas to Israel, and as a result, squandering $714 million in public funds by selling Egyptian natural gas to Israel at below market prices. Hussein Salem, a former intelligence officer on the Egyptian side, conducted deals with Yossi Maiman, a former intelligence agent with Israel’s Mossad.

Egypt’s Lost Power, an investigative documentary broadcast today by Al Jazeera and available worldwide online – it provides new insight into how Egypt’s vast natural gas wealth was stolen through collusion by Israel and cronies of the former Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak.
The documentary focuses on the role of Hussein Salem, a close associate of Mubarak, and Samih Fahmy, a protege of Salem, who was installed as Egypt’s energy minister in the early 2000s.

in June 2012, the Cairo Criminal Court found Salem, in absentia, and former Petroleum Minister Sameh Fahmi guilty and sentenced them each to 15 years in prison.
However, Salem still resides in Spain due to the Spanish authorities refusal to extradite him.

Al Jazeera asked Yossi Maiman about his role in back-door deals with Egyptian businessmen that resulted in Egypt exporting gas to Israel at prices well below market rate – YouTube.


Youtube: Egypt’s Lost power : Hussein Salem

Importing Syrian criminals

Mass murdering Muslims from the government forces, from Hezbollah, from Obama and EU’s infamous al-Qaeda affiliated “rebels”, and from the Islamic state who behead unarmed people are pouring into Europe by the thousands. As you can see on the photos they are pretending to be “desperate refugees”, some even rent children to pose with in a theatrical manner, crying crocodile tears.

This problem is a creation of the EU leadership who need to be charged with treason and face appropriate punishments.

Importing corrupt “investors” from Russia & Ukraine

London estate agents caught on camera dealing with ‘corrupt’ Russian buyer

In a documentary called From Russia With Cash, to be broadcast on Wednesday, two undercover reporters pose as an unscrupulous Russian government official called “Boris” and his mistress “Nastya” whom he wants to purchase an upmarket property in London for.

The couple – Russian anti-corruption campaigner Roman Borisovich and Ukrainian investigative reporter Natalia Sedletska – view five properties ranging in price from £3m to £15m, on the market with five different west London agents, in Kensington, Chelsea and Notting Hill.

Despite being made aware they are dealing with ill-gotten gains, the estate agents agree to continue with a potential purchase. In several instances the estate agents recommend law firms to help a buyer hide his identity.

The Guardian, Randeep Ramesh, 7 July 2015

London hotter than ever for Ukraine’s oligarchs

LONDON – Knightsbridge, Kensington and Chelsea are the most desired destinations for ultra-rich homebuyers from around the world, and Ukraine’s oligarchs are no exceptions. House prices here are anything north of $2.2 million.

The influx of foreign cash – often of dubious origin – this year has forced the British government to consider tightening property-buying regulations and banning shell companies from offshore havens that hide real owners.

Ukraine’s richest man, Rinat Akhmetov bought the most expensive apartment in London in 2011, at One Hyde Park for roughly $200 million. According to a range of reports in the British media, Akhmetov’s London abode is a fortress, complete with bulletproof windows and a panic room where he and his family can retreat should an emergency arise.

KyivPost, 29 November 2015


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