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The things I don’t like in the West

I live in Spain and that makes me a Westerner. I am thankful to live here, since the situation in the rest of the world is much worse. But the West is far from being ok, and there are many things that make me feel disgusted and ashamed for being part of the West.

These are the things I don’t like in the West:

  • providing a safe heaven to organized crime and most of the corrupt political leaders from all over the world who save their money in Switzerland or in the Western banks and who buy properties in the West
  • tax heavens, which are helping tax evasion
  • increasing poverty in the third world by exploiting the workers there, by doing business with local outfits (business, governments) who exploit their workers and by supporting corporations which destroy small farming and replace it with large farms, sending the people into poverty. Examples: Ethiopia and India
  • damaging the environment by convincing corrupt governments to cut down forests in order to create palm plantations, leading to environmental disasters.
  • growing crops for biofuels, and that leads to an increased the price of food, hurting very much the poor people
  • fake and disingenuous charities who, instead of helping the poor people with real solutions, only make them become dependent of help. Instead of giving them food, the solution is to rent them land for cheap so they can grow their own food. Instead of selling houses for cheap to very few people, the solution is to rent them houses for cheap. There is no wonder why the big charities are so fake (Red Cross, World Food Programme, Habitat for Humanity) – they are not democratic movements started by the people – they are outfits created by the super-rich (also called “plutocracy”).

Unfortunately, the Western public doesn’t seem to be aware about how much damage all the above things are doing and they are not asking their governments to change any of those things.



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